About Us

Our Story

The Casual Creatives was created as a need for ourselves and as a tool for others who are looking to bridge the gap between dreaming and doing. We’re here to help cultivate genuine connections, support influencers and creators alike, and use the power of our stories and those we get the privilege of hearing to help inspire you along your creative journey.

We want this to be a space for realness, fearlessness, and a haven where we all thrive in creativity and collaboration. We’re here to share our expertise in what we’ve learned from our “real jobs” as social media strategists as well as our side hustles as bloggers. We understand how difficult it is to balance this type of lifestyle, but we’re here to share that it is totally possible and you shouldn’t limit yourself to your job title or any title for that matter!

Our vision is to share stories of vulnerability and creativity to help you refocus in this world drowned in an overwhelming amount of information. We’re here for you. We’re here to share that it’s not as difficult as you may think to really get out of your comfort zone if you’re willing to try. From ticking things off of our casual checklist to setting down our creative blueprints, we hope to lend a virtual helping hand so we can all win!

We hope you join us on this creative journey and continue to remember that if you live and love to the fullest, everything you desire will be yours!

Meet the Casual Creatives

Nancy is the happiest human being on the planet, so it’s no wonder why her smile is contagious and she shares her incredibly positive lifestyle on her blog called Happily Ever Nancy! When she’s not busy blazing a trail on her social media channels, you can find her cuddling up with her two poms (and our cute furry assistants, Bender and Squirt) or at her second home at Disneyland with her trusty Minnie ears on! She’s a loving wife with the sweetest soul, and she has a knack for connecting with people online and offline with her bright spirit to help spread happiness in every arena!

Alyssa has one of the most passionate adventurous spirit that you’ll ever meet! She loves sharing her travel adventures, weekly little wins, and motivational & inspirational posts on her blog, Where Alyssa Wanders. You can often find her at the nearest coffee shop with a camera and notebook in hand. Fueled by her love of coffee and community, she’s combined the best of both worlds with her project Coffee & Convos. A storyteller with an old soul at heart, she has a natural gift of connecting and helping others embrace their own uniqueness!

Our Motto

Fear less, create more.